Ask Yourself

  • Do you just need some initial help in getting your lab operational?
  • Is your lab as profitable as it could be?
  • Do you need assistance responding to the corrective action from an inspection?
  • Are your instruments adequate for your testing needs?
  • Are you efficiently managing reagent and supply needs?
  • Does your coding and billing adequately reflect your testing?

ConsultSMART Services Will Get You To The Right Answers.

Whether a lab needs a jump start, fine tuning, or a complete overhaul, POLESTAR offers physicians and practice administrators the resources needed to run a best-in-class office-based lab that is profitable and beneficial to the practice. Insight, best practices, lessons learned…POLESTAR’s more than 30 years experience in the physician office laboratory industry translate into roadmaps for managing the precision of the office-based laboratory.

Sometimes all it takes to get a physician office laboratory running better is an outside perspective. For new start up or existing labs, POLESTAR offers ConsultSMART Consulting services tailored to the needs of the lab and the practice.

ConsultSMART services are available hourly or on a project basis.Contact POLESTAR today to learn if your office-based laboratory is delivering its potential.